Privacy Policy

Last updated: 6/26/2018

Here at we take your privacy seriously. This page outlines our policies that concern the collection, disclosure, and use of personal/non-personal information collected on this site. By using this site you agree to the collection and use of information as outlined in our privacy policy.

1. Data we collect

(a) When using our website your information such IP address, browser type, browser version, pages you visit, time/date of your visit, and other misc types of statistics are collected.

(b) We use the third party service Google Analytics to collect, monitor, and analyze various statistical data such as page viewed, how many pages you visit, length of visit, what website you came from, incoming/outgoing links, and other statistical data. No personally identifiable information is collected using this service. All use of Google Analytics on this website complies with their Terms of Service policy.

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking you can download this browser plugin.

To see how Google uses and processes this data you can click here.

(c) When you leave a comment your email address, name, and IP address are collected.

(d) Email, name, IP address and other information collected when contacting us via the Contact page.

2. How we use this data

(a) Statistical data collected on this website is mainly used so that we can improve our website by focusing on content people want and improving the website layout. Some of this data is also used to help with the upkeep and maintenance of this website.

(b) Data submitted when leaving a comment is used for the purposes of preventing spam and managing commenters.

(c) Data submitted via the contact page is used to communicate with you.

3. Cookies

Cookies are small files which may include a unique identifier. Cookies may be sent to your browser from a website and stored on your computer. Like most websites on the Internet we use cookies to collect information for statistical analysis which is used to help improve the website. Any information gathered and saved by our use of cookies on this website is anonymous data collected and analyzed using Google Analytics.

Cookies not used for statistical analysis send no personal information to us and are only used to maintain functionality of this website.

You may tell your browser do not accept cookies and still use our website but by doing so you may lose some of the functionality of our site.

4. Communication

There are currently 3 reasons that we will communicate with you using contact details you’ve provided and are as follow:

(a) If you contact us via our Contact page we will use your name and email address for any correspondence with you if we choose to do so.

(b) If you provide your name and email via a comment on this website we reserve the right to contact you about anything pertinent to your comment.

(c) To communicate any security problems or breaches.

5. Security

The security of your information is important to us so we take every measure we can to protect your data and anonymize it whenever possible. While we do take every step we can to protect your data no information sent over the internet and stored there is ever  100% secure. We can not guarantee absolute security of data submitted to this website. In the event of a security breach if you are affected you will be contacted.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was updated on 6/26/2018 and will continue to remain in effect as is unless changes are made in the future. We reserve the right to update/change this Privacy Policy at any time, if any changes are made to the Privacy Policy they will be updated on this page.

Your continued use of our website after any policy changes constitutes you accepting these new changes made to the Privacy Policy.

Any changes to our privacy policy will be emailed to you if you’ve provided us with your email address, a notice will also be placed on the site for those that haven’t contacted us or left a comment.

Request that your personal information be deleted

To comply with GDPR you may request at any time to have any of your stored data sent to you or deleted. To get a copy of this data or to have it deleted fill out the form below and submit it. Information provided on the form below will only be used to process your request and then it will be deleted. Requests are processed in the order they’re receive and will be answered in 24-48 hours.

GDPR Request form